Vbro & Airbnb: What You Need To Know – The Business Of Short-Term Rentals Is No Business At All

In a recent Rembaum’s Association Roundup article regarding Florida’s newest non-native invasion of overnight rentals through Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) and AirBnB, we discussed what an association can do in order to protect its community from becoming the newest unnamed hotel/motel through the adoption of lease restrictions and lease approval requirements. Although these methods remain available to associations, one avenue of enforcement has been fully obliterated from the list of possible ways to rid the community of short-term, overnight and transient rentals as a result of a decision in a recent appellate case. In short, if your community’s governing documents prohibit commercial activity, this prohibition will NOT protect the association from VRBO and AirBnB rentals.    Read the article…………….

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