CALL Alert for March 20, 2017 (FL)

Senator Rene Garcia and Representative Jose Felix “Pepi” Diaz filed SB 1682, Relating to Condominiums, and HB 1237, Relating to Condominiums, respectively, which include board member term limits and criminal penalties against volunteer board members for certain violations, including failure to provide access to official records and fraudulent activities related to the election of directors.   While there is no doubt these legislators are rightfully seeking to correct the election fraud and financial crimes problems which were identified in the recent Miami Grand Jury Report, some of the provisions in these bills will create new problems in addition to the ones they are seeking to fix. It is too early to tell if online voting will help prevent some of the fraud which has been identified with the current paper voting system but that law was passed, in part, to do just that. Perhaps we should wait to see if last year’s legislative fix has been effective before looking to criminalize actions related to elections.     Read the article…………..

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