6 Tips on How to Run an HOA Annual Meeting Effectively (MN)

Time for an annual meeting? All homeowner associations (HOA’s) are required to have an annual meeting each year. In addition to any other specific requirements which may be within an association’s declaration, the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (the “Act”) requires that certain business must be conducted at each annual meeting. The statute requires there to be an election of directors and an annual report made which covers financials, capital expenditures, statements of insurance coverage and whether there is any litigation involving the association. In addition, annual meetings also tend to be the time when owners want to have their voices heard, members of the board of directors want to explain what has been going on over the year and tempers can flare about issues ranging from disagreements about what type of flowers were planted to complaints about special assessments for major projects. Let’s face it, an HOA annual meeting can become chaotic!     Read the article……………..

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