Judge orders law firm to pay $3.1M to condo association for negligence enabling contractor fraud (NV)

A Nevada judge has ordered a law firm to pay $2.4 million in damages and $700,000 in interest to a homeowners association for failing to supervise an associate who enabled contractor fraud.  The law firm, Kummer Kaempfer Bonner Renshaw and Ferrario, is now known as Kaempfer Crowell, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.  Judge Mark Denton said the law firm failed to supervise a first-year associate who allowed ballot stuffing in HOA elections at the Vistana Condominium Owners Association. The new HOA members took control of the board and awarded construction contracts to a company that defrauded Vistana out of $8 million, Denton said.    Read the article………….

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