Court rules in favor of MI Condo Association related to amendment of bylaws, compliance with parliamentary procedure and director compensation related to website

Vidolich v Saline Northview Condominium Association, unpublished opinion of the Court of Appeals, issued December 5, 2017 (Docket No. No. 334579), involved a lengthy battle between Vidolich, a co-owner in the Northview Condominium, and the Saline Northview Condominium Association (the “Association”). Vidolich was a member of the Association’s board until he resigned over a procedural dispute and he was the Association’s website designer and operator until he deleted the website and replaced it with what he concedes was a “gripe site” when the Association wished to take control of the website itself. Vidolich contended that he was an advocate for the co-owners and had made numerous efforts to vindicate the legal rights of condominium members, ensure that the Association follows the law and obtain outstanding payments for website hosting and services, inter alia. The Association asserted that Vidolich has waged a tireless vendetta of harassment and antagonism. At issue was the following:     Read the article……………

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