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  • Australia: Airbnb hosts can be fined $550 for failing to notify strata of new guests under NSW law November 19, 2017 A LITTLE-USED legal provision could be used to put the squeeze on owners who rent their units out on short-term rental sites like Airbnb.  Author and apartment living expert Jimmy Thomson, founder of the website Flat Chat, has called for owners’ corporations to fine landlords who don’t register tenants using a “widely ignored” law.  Under Section 258 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, owners must notify the body corporate of any changes to leases or subleases, including the name ...
  • Calls for Canberra body corporates and stratas to allow Airbnb complexes November 11, 2017 “The body corporate have disallowed Airbnb in our complex, but there’s a distinction between leasing out an entire premises and just renting a room.”  Mr Miller said the body corporate now “tolerate” him using Airbnb at his apartment after a conversation outlining the differences in advertising a single room, rather than a whole apartment.  He said for many body corporates across Canberra, there’s still much confusion about what residents can do when it comes to using Airbnb.    Read the article……………….
  • Leaky Building Syndrome: Will Australia Be the Next to Suffer? September 4, 2017 Is Australia set to follow in the footsteps of Canada and New Zealand and face its own leaky building syndrome disaster in the near future? Canada had the ‘leaky condo crisis’ – over four billion dollars’ expended on condo remediation work. New Zealand has had its own leaky building maelstrom, which has cost the country, according to some estimates, up to 23 billion dollars.    Read the article…………….
  • Dodgy building materials are hardly a revelation July 11, 2017 Way back in May 2015, The Australian ran a story about unsafe building materials coming in from overseas, and despite failing to comply with local standards, being used here.  Quoting Master Builders Queensland, the story noted that eventually these substandard building materials “…could kill people and destroy their homes.”  A week before Christmas in 2016, another story came out, this time in The Age exposing substandard and dangerous building materials across a range of developments across Victoria.  This particular article ...
  • Residents in tourism hot sports fear their homes could become party central with strata changes July 10, 2017 RESIDENTS in tourism hot spots on the peninsula fear their unit complexes could become “party central” if laws around short-term letting are eased.  A NSW Senate options paper on short-term letting will be released in the coming weeks and will likely shape future legislation for holiday leasing providers such as Airbnb.    Read the article……………..
  • Strata building by-laws restricting short-stay letting, including Airbnb, declared ‘invalid’ by Fair Trading July 7, 2017 All by-laws restricting Airbnb and other short-stay letting in residential-only apartment blocks are invalid, according to NSW Fair Trading.  Only weeks before the discussion paper on new holiday letting legislation is released, Fair Trading has modified its Strata Living handbook to warn strata committees and owners corporations that they can’t pass by-laws restricting holiday lets.    Read the article…………..
  • Flat Chat: Can a bylaw silence angry owners, banning them from contacting strata committees? June 23, 2017 The irresistible force meets the immovable object – that’s how intractable internal conflicts in strata schemes are often characterised.  But a more accurate description might be the megaphone meets the earplugs, as some strata committees are trying to ban owners from contacting them, invoking the old Hollywood casting rejection, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.    Read the article……………
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  • SCA Education Spreads Its Wings: Strata Committee Training Course October 9, 2017 This article about the national Strata Committee Training Course has been supplied by Carole Anderson, SCA National.  Strata Community Association (SCA) is the peak industry servicing the Body Corporate and Community Title management in Australia and New Zealand. SCA proudly fulfils the duel roles of a professional institute and consumer advocate. SCA has in excess of 3,300 members who help oversee, advise or manage a combine property portfolio with an estimated replacement value of over $1.2 trillion.     Read the ...
  • Strata management could be hindered, not helped, by your business skills September 14, 2017 You might think that all those skills you acquired climbing the corporate ladder and studying for your MBA make you the perfect candidate for your strata committee.  But while some attributes help in both fields, others have a downside that can lead to strata disaster.  The first four, listed below, fit into the downside category, while the last two are strengths in both arenas.     Read the article…………….
  • Fixing a Leaking Roof July 12, 2017 This article discussing fixing a leaking roof has been supplied by Paul Evans, President – Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW).  Costly and extensive damage to buildings are often the end result of a leaking roof and associated structural water ingress.  As a Registered Building Practitioner who is also a specialist in waterproofing installation, I have witnessed the devastating consequences of not fixing a leaking roof in a timely manner.    Read the article…………
  • VIC: Move Your Butt July 10, 2017 This article about whether the owners corporation can make special rules prohibiting smoking on common property or within lots has been supplied by Tim Graham, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers.   Read the article……………
  • NSW Strata Defects Regime Delayed Until 1 January 2018 June 23, 2017 NSW residential developers are no longer required to implement the defects bond scheme from 1 July 2017.  The NSW Parliament today passed the Electronic Transactions Legislation Amendment (Government Transactions) Bill 2017, which delays until 1 January 2018 the commencement of the NSW Strata Defects Regime set up under Part 11 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.    Read the article…………..
  • Why an Aussie high-rise blaze is more likely than not June 17, 2017 A perfect storm of shoddy building practices, the fear and ignorance of apartment residents and a history of pro-developer politics means a high-rise building blaze like the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London is almost inevitable here in Australia.  With new apartment buildings defects often including missing or faulty fire dampers, there are very real concerns that tens of thousands of Australian high-rises could be at risk if they have cheap imported aluminium cladding on their walls.    Read the article………….
  • Can a Telecommunications Carrier Access Strata Titled Property? June 15, 2017 The National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout has placed under the spotlight the powers of telecommunications carriers (telcos) to enter private property, including strata-titled properties. Telcos can already access strata-titled land to install telecommunications equipment that bolsters existing infrastructure, increase signal strengths and of course, install the cabling necessary for the NBN. This article looks at the respective bargaining power and rights of strata-titled properties and telcos to reduce confusion in this area and drive towards better-negotiated outcomes.    Read the ...
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