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  • Queensland Calls for Feedback on Strata Law Overhaul February 21, 2017 Restrictive laws which require 100 per cent agreement before strata schemes can be terminated could be amended and new powers could be granted to owners corporations in respect of pets, smoking and vehicle towaways as part of recommended changes upon which the Queensland government is seeking feedback.      Read the article………….
  • New strata rules clear way for $54m buyout of unit owners February 8, 2017 Private group Iridium Developments has swooped on a major site in Sydney’s beachside Cronulla, purchasing four freestanding unit blocks from two strata corporations for $54 million.  The deal was struck in one line and the company, backed by the Manassen family which has a track record in other Sydney developments, is expected to demolish the buildings and construct a new complex.   Read the article…………..
  • 3 things to consider about strata-run investments January 26, 2017 There are many benefits to buying property within a strata-managed co-op, however equally as many challenges, as the topic of strata is often something many investors have little to no experience with.  Lawyers Ian McKnight and James Nickless recently told The Smart Property Investment Show that they recommended investors seek the appropriate legal advice before making a purchase such as this, and offered three things to consider when buying property in a strata-run complex.   Read the article………….
  • Australia: New NSW strata laws, same old tricks January 26, 2017 We’re back. Now that the holidays are out of the way, the first of the year’s annual general meetings will soon be upon us.  And that will be the first time most of us will have to confront the realities of the new strata laws.  It will be interesting to see how the proxy farmers and committee stackers try to get around the new regulations.    Read the article…………
  • QLD: Unfair Contracts in Strata January 23, 2017 This article about unfair contracts in strata has been supplied by Frank Higginson, Hynes Legal.  As part of the Australian Consumer Law, the Federal government has created legislation to protect parties who are the recipient of goods or services under unfair (or one sided) contracts.  This law has applied to individual consumers for some time.  The laws now apply to protect small businesses as well. The laws protecting small business commenced on 12 November 2016 and apply with respect to ...
  • Can Real Estate Agents Who Sell Strata Developments Manage Strata Schemes? January 15, 2017 Real estate agents who sell strata developments off-the-plan are often asked to manage the strata schemes after the buildings have been developed. A member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) recently asked a solicitor if such arrangements were legal. According to the solicitor, strata agents cannot be involved in such circumstances.  Section 49 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) says that an owners corporation for a strata scheme may appoint a strata managing agent ...
  • Fireworks as strata owners launch fighting fund to keep short-stay rentals out December 29, 2016 As Sydney readies for its biggest balcony-busting night of the holiday rental year, a group of high-powered apartment owners has launched a fighting fund to keep short-stay lets out of residential apartment buildings.  Read the article……………
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  • The ins and outs of strata: what buyers should consider January 23, 2017 This episode in the Smart Property Investment studio, host Phil Tarrant is joined by lawyers Ian McKnight and James Nickless to discuss the ins and outs of strata.  In this special episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, our guests explain the rules behind strata, the politics involved with the owners’ corporation as well as their tips and tricks to ensuring buyers receive the right advice at the right time. All of this and much, much more on this episode ...
  • What You Need to Know About the NSW Strata Law Reform January 8, 2017 With Australia’s richest man set to sell his strata management business, it appears not all are happy with the 90 changes to strata laws which came into effect in New South Wales on November 30.  Read the article…………..
  • NSW Strata Reforms – Introduction of the new Building Defect Bond Scheme December 14, 2016 Developers and builders of residential and mixed use high rise strata buildings are being urged to familiarise themselves with the introduction of the Building Defect Bond Scheme introduced under the new Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) (the Act). The Building Defect Bond Scheme will commence on 1 July 2017, and will require developers to lodge a bond with NSW Fair Trading equal to two percent of the contract price for residential and mixed use high rise strata buildings.  Read ...
  • The six most important reforms to NSW strata law that you won’t find in the Daily Telegraph November 27, 2016 All the fourth estate has been talking about is dogs, smoking, and redevelopment; but I think they’ve missed the point. I’ve identified six reforms that are much more likely to impact strata owners, committees and managers.     Read the article…………..
  • The 21 new strata laws all NSW apartment residents need to know about November 27, 2016 There are more than 90 changes to the strata laws that come into force in NSW on November 30. Here are the 21 that will affect you in ways you might actually notice.    Read the article…………….
  • New Model By-law Series #6 – Parking November 26, 2016 The changes to parking model by-laws are notable, but they’re a big ticket item when viewed alongside the ability for owners corporations to get council in on strata parking enforcement.  The big change to the model by-law for parking is that it now states that an owner or occupier can’t permit a vehicle to be stood on common property without prior approval, as well as retaining the rule for owners themselves.    Read the article………….
  • NSW Strata Reforms: What By-laws Apply to My Strata Scheme? November 22, 2016 Many lot owners, particular those in older strata schemes, do not know what by-laws apply to their scheme. While the Secretary of the Owners Corporation is required to keep a record of all the by-laws in force in the scheme this record may not always be accurate.   Read the article…………..
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