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Recently I’ve been seeing forum posts asking about a code of ethics for board and committee members.  I thought I would put together a page of links specifically addressing that subject.

A condo code of ethics

February 03, 2012|By Pamela Dittmer McKuen, Special to the Tribune

Board members know they aren’t supposed to run off with their community association’s reserve funds. That’s an obvious conflict of interest, and illegal, to boot. Other actions are murkier. They may not be unlawful, but they raise questions and suspicions. Well-intentioned board members can end up in court defending accusations of breaching their fiduciary duty.

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Sample Ethics Policy

The Board of Directors has adopted the following ethics policy for its board members and committees. This policy is intended to provide guidance with ethical issues and a mechanism for addressing unethical conduct.

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Board Code Of Conduct: A Field Guide for Board Members

Michael Rome, Esq.

Homeowners have a variety of motivations for serving on the board of directors, but it is still important for all of the directors to be on the same page regarding their basic fiduciary duties to the association. For this reason it is helpful to adopt a written code of conduct, sometimes also known as a code of ethics. After the code is adopted by a vote of the board, it should be signed by each of the directors.

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Board Guide and Code of Conduct Template

We want to share with our client communities a document that may be of interest to many board members. It was created by the Far Mill River Board of Directors with support from Imagineers and was intended to help better define community leadership roles, create greater consensus on the board and articulate the guiding principals and code of conduct under which that the board wanted to operate. It was developed from the Imagineers document “Welcome to the Board – New Board Member Informational Booklet” but improved upon as board guide and code of conduct statement.

Far Mill River Tax District and Condominium Association Guide and Code of Conduct (PDF)……….


 Willow Ponds

The Board of Directors of Willow Ponds Community Association has the obligation and duty to make decisions for the entire community and is responsible to set a standard and a tone for behavior that is conductive to the best interests of the entire community. The Board of Directors of the HOA and Board of Condo Managers hereby adopts the following code of ethics and code of conduct that are applicable to all volunteers serving the community:

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Condominium Directors Code of Ethics

Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP

Standard of Care

Condominium directors and officers need not be overly anxious about the standard of care provisions set out in s. 37 of the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”), but they should heed the implications of those provisions and other statutory and common law duties while exercising their powers

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Put it in Writing: Codes of Ethics Give Board Members Direction

The Cooperator; Oct., 2010

The sitting president of a Connecticut condo board recently approached the property manager with a proposition: If he saw to it that her contractor boyfriend was awarded certain jobs in the building, the property manager would receive a tidy kickback. Ken Kohnle, working with Elite Property Management, LLC, based in Farmington, ended the relationship with that building. He said it was the “most shocking” of ethical breaches he’d seen in 22 years of business.

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Commitment to Good Service Form

California Condo Guru

The following document is really a “Code of Conduct” with a less offensive name. Why change the name? Because “Code of Conduct” sounds offensive. Incoming board members might balk at signing something that sounds like a set up for punishment if there is a failure. They might prefer not to think in terms of how their conduct might be judged. I think it better to get the mindset in the right place, which is thinking of the items rather in terms of a commitment to excellence.

Sample Form……..


Riverplace Board Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics………….