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Should Attorneys be allowed to come to HOA Board Meetings?

I think there is a place for HOA lawyers and it is not at board meetings where volunteer directors can


Here is the email I am responding to: “The manager makes all the decisions in our HOA, the board never

Guess What, Owners Do Things in HOAs Just Because Nothing Says You Can’t.

I’ve had a bunch of consultations with owners lately and they revolve around something the owners did that the Board

Hoarders IN HOAs. Where Do You Start?

I have had a number of HOAs and also individuals recently that complain of concerns about residents that may be

May an HOA Manager Break A Tie on the HOA Board? Or Give Legal Advice?

Here is one more blog today. Trying to make up for lost time (it goes by so fast, doesn’t it?)

What About Advantages for HOA Developers and Commercial Owners and Who Can Serve on the HOA Board?

In these bullet point blogs of the day, here is another one. Question posed to me: “Many condos have commercial

Are HOA Owners Entitled to Have the Reserve Study?

Hello. I have not written blogs for a while (have been super busy) so I will do a few today

Playing Russian Roulette When Buying a “Stacked” Condo or Townhouse

Playing Russian Roulette When Buying a “Stacked” Condo or Townhouse OR, I could have called this blog What Can Possibly

What Do You Do When Your HOA is a Sinking Ship? To Bail or … to Bail.

It is time again to bring up some real problems that people coming to me for help are experiencing. I


You might wonder where I get the topics for my blog. Within the last couple of days, my writing stimulus

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Life Was Simple In HOA Land And In Real-Life?

Happy New Year! And it’s off with a zing. I am reminded of some important things these first few days

From Me To You – HOA Clubhouse Agreement Terms

Happy Holidays From Me to You– As my gift to you, here are some important terms to include in a

CLOTHESLINE WARS-Are They Over With the New California Law on Topic?

Clotheslines – Don’t Get in a Bind About Them – that was the title of the blog I did this

The Elephant (or Should I say “Big Dog”) in the Room (HOA) – We Should Talk About It

I recently received an email request to comment on the following:   “Maybe in a future newsletter you could mention

HOA Master Coverage – What is the Effect on HOA and Owners Getting EQ Coverage?

This blog is a request for feedback and comment. I draft a lot of restated HOA documents and insurance obligations