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We Are Fighting With Our [HOA-HOMEOWNERS] Insurance Company!

Homeowners associations and homeowners often end up at odds with their insurance companies. Everyone thinks they know the way things will go until there is a claim. This blog is about water leak damages claims. Resolutions seem to commonly be

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I Thought The HOA / Condo Association’s Insurance Would Protect Me!

I feel compelled to sit down today before I start work and send out a warning. This urge was triggered by a telephone call from a woman whose unit was recently subjected to a deluge from a burst pipe in

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What Happens When an Owner’s Employee is Injured in Common Area in an HOA?

I received an email with an interesting twist regarding liability for accidents that happen in a homeowners association common area and whether it matters who is injured. Here it is: “We’ve been working on restating our bylaws/CC&Rs, and an owner

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Who Verifies Contractor’s Insurance for Condo/HOA?

Here is a question that seems it should have a simple answer: “Who is responsible in verifying contractor’s insurance before they start working on a project? Is it the property management company or the board of directors of the HOA?

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Need Help From Condo & HOA Insurance & Flooring Vendors!

Hey, it’s my turn to ask some questions. Maybe there are some HOA or Condo vendors out there with the answers: INSURANCE GURUS? – Someone wrote in – they bought a unit in a 4 unit condo building at foreclosure.

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HOA Liability for Accidents Outside the Association

Boards have to be vigilant because HOAs and Condo Associations and the Boards can be sued for failure to address safety and hazardous issues. Here is a question from a reader who insures associations in California: “I insure an association

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