Records Inspection

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What’s the Worst Thing A Board Can Do When an Owner Questions What is Happening?

I see this a lot. An owner has complained, maybe again and again and again, has asked for records, maybe has made threats of some kind. A lot of this kind of activity is bred by frustration – which often comes

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May Owners See Management Reports Prepared for the Board?

The blog below is a reprint from 2007 – the question has come up again as to whether owners are entitled to inspect the manager reports given to Directors at or before Board meetings. I get all kinds of questions

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What Recourse for Denial of Records, Abuse of Power in an HOA?

When a board member, former board member, or owner asks to see HOA or Condo Association records, they get all kinds of answers from their boards and managers. Here’s one: “A new board member told me recently I have no

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Are Board Members Entitled to See HOA Records?

Here is an email from a board member: “I find myself in a delicate situation, having served on our Assocaition’s board for more than twenty some years during my tenure as Association President. Last year, term ending in June 2010,

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