Notice of Meetings

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May an HOA Manager Break A Tie on the HOA Board? Or Give Legal Advice?

Here is one more blog today. Trying to make up for lost time (it goes by so fast, doesn’t it?)   Question from reader: “You are probably very busy – I will try to be brief. I am on a

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Agenda, Who’s In Charge in Your HOA?

Who sets the Agenda for meetings in your HOA? Membership meetings? Board Meetings? Committee Meetings? Do you know? Do you care? You will if there is something you as a director want to on the Agenda and you run up

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What Are the New Rules for HOA and Condo Emergency Meetings?

 There are a number of new requirements for HOA boards in 2012. The lawmakers have tightened up on meetings in an attempt to dictate more transparency. Some boards are doing a lot of business in secret. Some boards make no

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More on Meetings Under the New Law for HOAs and Condos in CA

Here is some more info on holding proper board meetings after the new laws in California took effect 1/1/2012: Teleconference meetings: Board meetings can be held by teleconference so long as all board members can hear each other and discuss and

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Notice of Meetings in HOAs and Condos – the Law Controls, Except When …

Question asked: What is the legal notice for HOA Board meetings. Our governing documents say 3 days for member notice. Answer: In California – 4 days is the legal requirement for owner notice of board meetings in Civil Code Section 1363.05

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