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I’m Baaacccccccckkkkk! Thanks.

I know its been a long time since I posted. I was on a 5 week National Parks road trip with my two kids, two “in-law” spouses and 5 grandchildren – 2 vans – 5 weeks, over 5000 miles.  Yellowstone,

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TAKE A BREATH-Don’t Let an HOA Problem Kill You.

I got a really long email the other day from a reader. She laid out a litany of problems. At the end of the email she said: “Please help me! My high BP is going to land me a stroke

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Can These Blog Answers Be Repeated Too Many Times?

First thing today, I am looking for feedback. I keep two blogs running all the time, this one and my other one at condolawguru.com which was developed after this one for everyone, to deal with homeowner questions and issues. Now

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I have been absent awhile from writing. Once October comes the end of the year seems to loom up and I get busier than ever too, especially with the new Davis Stirling Act coming and 40 Primers and Guides and

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