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Should an Inspector in an HOA Election Give Out a List of Who Returned a Ballot?

This is a small blog (for me)  but with large implications. Thus, I am planning to follow it up with an E-newsletter for the July edition and provide a more thorough analysis of the duties as well as the authority

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It’s summer time, a time for some summertime blogs. A time for vacation, yay! So what kind of problems arise in a homeowners association because of vacations?   One question that comes up is whether a director or a member

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What Crazy Thing Happened At Your Last HOA Election? An Invitation.

Wow, I have heard all kinds of crazy things about what happens in HOA elections and have written a number of articles, blogs, and publications on the topic. If you want to send me yours, visit the Guru website and

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HOA Elections – When is Acclamation a Solution?

I write election rules all the time. Documents that I have updated and restated contain a provision that allows Boards to declare elections by acclamation when the board cannot solicit sufficient nominees to have a “contested” election – meaning an election where

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Questions About Serving in an HOA in California-Where Are the Answers?

I get a lot of questions about serving on the board in an HOA in California, like:   “My management company said I have to be a board member to run for President is that true?”   The bylaws of

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Good Standing in HOA or Condo Association – Help!

Owners and Board Members often have questions about “Good Standing” and what it means in the context of an HOA or Condo. I have done other blogs on this topic as well as an E-Newsletter, and these are available to

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