California Legislation

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AB 1738- re: MEET AND CONFER in California Should be Stopped…Here’s Why…

Boy, a lot of people generate a lot of work and energy promoting and opposing bills in Sacramento. I have a lot of respect for the groups that are working to protect HOAs and to try and minimize costs for

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May Board Members Accept Compensation in an HOA or Condo Association?

May directors receive compensation? Here is the question as posed to me: “I am a new Board member and I am having trouble with an interpretation that my Board President has provided us. It comes from an Attorney: The Bylaws

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Should an HOA Delay an Update Project Because There Might Be A New Davis Stirling Act?

I recently received a question from an association board interested in amending, restating and updating their governing documents. This is what they said: “The committee & the Board has one major concern: The Davis-Stirling revision & its impact on the

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