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AB 1738- re: MEET AND CONFER in California Should be Stopped…Here’s Why…

Boy, a lot of people generate a lot of work and energy promoting and opposing bills in Sacramento. I have a lot of respect for the groups that are working to protect HOAs and to try and minimize costs for

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Getting Mixed Messages About Updating HOA and CONDO Docs This Year?

HOW TO ANALYZE THE MIXED MESSAGES SURROUNDING UPDATING GOVERNING DOCUMENTS 2013 IN LIGHT OF THE 2014 DS ACT CHANGES. (IN CALIFORNIA)  I keep getting calls and emails from board members seeking out proposals to amend and restate the governing documents

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Watching Legislation Introduced to Support the Financial Healh of HOAs and Owners Who Live in Them.

I attended the CLAC Day in the Capitol last weekend and it was a real eye-opener. I have been a member of CLAC for many years and every time I go to this annual CA Day in the Capitol, I

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