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Children vs. Mature Adults – What Do You Do When They Clash in the Streets!

Board, have any of you this problem on your plate – a “mature” owner comes to you and complaints about children playing in the street in your HOA? And/or the parents come to you because the neighbor is complaining about

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Should We Ask the Owner to Evict a Tenant Who Has Caused A Lot of Problems?

I got an email from an association where there is a tenant residing that is causing all kinds of problems. The police have been called out several times regarding disturbances of discharge of firearms, screaming, shouting, fighting, and late partying.

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More on Meetings Under the New Law for HOAs and Condos in CA

Here is some more info on holding proper board meetings after the new laws in California took effect 1/1/2012: Teleconference meetings: Board meetings can be held by teleconference so long as all board members can hear each other and discuss and

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What Do You Do When An Owner Is Ordering Association Vendors to Do Work?

This is not an extremely common problem but it does occur to varying degrees. Sometimes owners (especially some of those who reside on site, are around during the day, and are of the mind to watch whatever is going on), involve

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Judging Hardships in a Condo or HOA Rental Restriction

Every amendment I write for adding rental restrictions in a condo association or homeowners association (HOA) has a hardship clause in it. Some are tighter than others. A hardship clause is one that gives an owner the opportunity to apply

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Board Members and Owners – Go Forth and Seek Out The Right Kind of Information

I don’t often put the same blogs on both of my blogsites – but this is important! I receive a lot of emails from desperate board members and owners in homeowner associations asking about where they can go to learn

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