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Playing Russian Roulette When Buying a “Stacked” Condo or Townhouse

Playing Russian Roulette When Buying a “Stacked” Condo or Townhouse OR, I could have called this blog What Can Possibly Go Wrong to Turn My Dreamhouse into a Nightmare? Here’s another in my series on real problems brought to me

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Children vs. Mature Adults – What Do You Do When They Clash in the Streets!

Board, have any of you this problem on your plate – a “mature” owner comes to you and complaints about children playing in the street in your HOA? And/or the parents come to you because the neighbor is complaining about

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Should We Ask the Owner to Evict a Tenant Who Has Caused A Lot of Problems?

I got an email from an association where there is a tenant residing that is causing all kinds of problems. The police have been called out several times regarding disturbances of discharge of firearms, screaming, shouting, fighting, and late partying.

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Do HOA Owners Have To Clean Up Their Vehicle Spills?

Questions often arise about how much authority Boards have to require certain things from owners in a Condo or HOA. Here is one such question in an email from a reader: “Hey Beth – Thanks so much for your amazing

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Bull Horns Have Their Place, But in the HOA or Condo?

I just did a blog on the other blogsite called “Thinking of Retaliating in Your HOA or Condo?” Here is the link to the blog at The story was about an incident that occurred in Iowa, and involved a

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