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Beth GrimmBeth A. Grimm an attorney who has been working in the field of Homeowner Association Law for more than 25 years. She represents homeowners associations and homeowners in all aspects of the law and related issues.

Dispute resolution is a major part of community association law and Beth has extensive training, interest and experience in resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation and court processes.

As an advocate, speaker, mediator, and prolific writer and through dedicated service to the various industry groups in California and nationally, she has collected considerable knowledge and shares that knowledge on her website through free Articles, FYIs, a monthly E-Newsletter and Archives, two current running blogs where email questions are answered, pertinent FAQs for board members, owners, managers and realtors, and more than 40 useful and affordable publications for sale.

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Beth’s knowledge of community association practices, theory, process and technique is more extensive than most because of the many aspects of law, management, board and member issues, negotiations and dispute resolution in which she has participated, and the many different forms of communication by which she has provided service to the industry. Her legal skills and expertise is above average. She is a respected author in the HOA field of law teaches and speaks at many seminars all over the State of California, and works on various committees coming into contact with numerous people from all walks of life. She is able to brainstorm solutions to problems with experts in all areas of community association operations, including management and legal, throughout the State.

She has also assisted with “watch-dogging” California legislation for and against the community associations industry and homeowner association practices. There have been numerous bills with various ramifications introduced and stopped or passed in the last 25 years she has been active in the legislative processes since 1988. She even served on legislative committees over the years and attended many California Law Revision Hearings dealing with HOA issues and the law.

Articles, Presentations, etc.   (More than 100 Articles Published On Various Subjects)

  • 1994 John F. Kennedy Law Journal – Article “Community Associations – The Ramifications of Due Process Issues in Homeowner Associations”
  • Legislative Editor and author of legislative articles and “News and Views” column in Community Living of California, a statewide newsletter serving all members of the industry, published by the Community Associations Institute until 1999.
  • Frequent Contributor to Board Briefs, a nationwide newsletter for board members. I was named “Author of the Year” for national CAI in 1996, and Speaker of the Year in 2005 – Local San Francisco Bay Area/Central California Chapter of CAI
  • Author, editor and distributor of three private publications: THE CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION LEGAL DIGEST (over 18 years of state-wide distribution), FINDING THE KEY TO YOUR CASTLE (book) and THE DAVIS STIRLING ACT IN PLAIN ENGLISH (book updated annually)
  • Author of The CLAC CORNER, update publication of the Community Associations Institute – California Legislative Action Committee, for more than 10 years
  • The Echo Journal – contributing author for more than 18 years.

An additional list is available on request

Awards – Recognitions

  • 1994 Distinguished Service Award for volunteer efforts for the Community Associations Institute – California Legislative Action Committee (CAI-CLAC).
  • 1994 Bay Area Chapter CAI President’s Award -CAI Bay Area Chapter.
  • 1995 Distinguished Service Award, CAI-CLAC
  • 1996 Crystal Madonna awarded by CAI/CLAC for volunteer service.
  • 1996 Author of the Year, CAI National, Alexandria, Virginia
  • 1996 Alumni of the Year Award, John F. Kennedy University School of Law
  • 2005 Speaker of the Year – Bay Area/Central California Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • 2011 Executive Council of Homeowners – Volunteer of the Year Award


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