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Condo Talk: Basic guide to unit owner bankruptcies

The filing of a bankruptcy petition by a unit owner can have a harmful impact on the association’s cash flow. When a bankruptcy petition is filed by a unit owner, an automatic stay goes into effect. The stay prohibits creditors,

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Court Decisions on Pit Bulls Could Make More Community Associations Growl at Dog Owners

Ask condominium managers and trustees about the major headaches in their communities, and pets will invariably be at or near the top of the lists they create. Many issues engender strong feelings in the condominium world, but few equal the

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The Battle With Homeowners Associations

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a new house in a great neighbourhood and you’re ready to move in. A signed contract together with all the necessary documents is resting in your briefcase. Is there anything that can disturb your happiness? Many

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Committees: Delegating Board Authority to Achieve Efficiency

The 2012 amendments to the “Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act” have made it significantly more difficult for Boards to manage the affairs of their HOAs in a quick and efficient manner. Those amendments, as discussed in our previous resource,”Senate

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Termites, Business Judgment Rule and Second Guessing Boards of Directors

Resulting in one of the most important common interest development cases decided by the California Supreme Court, Mrs. Gertrude Lamden disagreed with her homeowners association’s board’s decision to address a terminate problem by spot treating the affected areas rather than

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Helpful hints for condo and HOA members

What Dave Biemel finds most gratifying about serving on the board of directors of Arielle Condominium Association in Palmer Ranch is the feeling of accomplishment in “getting stuff done that didn’t seem like it was getting done before.”     Read

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