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Assessing Your Building’s Energy Consumption: How Green Are You?

Most folks know that turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, taking shorter showers, and turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees can help save energy – and by extension, money. However, helping an entire building or association cut costs

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Green Cleaning: Keeping Your Condo or HOA Fresh – and Eco-Friendly

Cleaning products should, ideally, have one primary function: to make things less dirty. But once one delves deeper into the overall goal, things get more complicated. What makes something really clean? Does it just look shinier? Smell better? Or is

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The Latest in Green Roofs: Farm-to-Condo

Green roofs have many well documented benefits. They can make a co-op or condo building more attractive to potential buyers. They can turn a tar-paper desert into a welcoming oasis. And in the bargain they protect the roof membrane, absorb

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Recent Appellate Division Decision Expands Private Party Remedies Under New Jersey Spill Act and Demonstrates Condominium Owners’ Potential for Environmental Liability

The New Jersey Appellate Division’s recent decision in Matejek v. Watson was notable in two respects. First, it provides a private party an order compelling another party to participate in an environmental investigation without proving liability, something not previously allowed

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Condo’s and the Environment (NJ)

GREG RENEE MATEJEK v. NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION CLAREMONT HILLS PARCEL TWO CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION The facts as found by the trial judge at the conclusion of a bench trial are relatively simple. Briefly, oil was discovered on the

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