Debt Collections Practices and Laws: Should They Concern Your HOA?

The fairly recent case of Agrelov v. Affinity Management Services, LLC, Case No. 15-14136, (11th Cir., November 9, 2016), is instructive for associations and their managers with respect to debt collections.  In that case, the homeowners were assessed a fine by their homeowners’ association related to some landscaping work they had performed at their home. The homeowners refused to pay the fine, maintaining that, among other things, they had not violated any community rule and had not been afforded due process. Over the next several months, the property manager and the association’s attorneys sent the homeowners multiple letters on the association’s behalf regarding the fine, warning of the consequence if the homeowners failed to pay, and threatening to file and foreclose upon a lien on their home.      Read the article…………….

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