Condo residents pay more than fair share (ON)

Earlier this week, Orillia’s Scott Maclagan sounded the alarm about what are known as common-elements condominiums. In such a development — like where Maclagan resides at North Lake Village — owners live in what are technically dubbed “freehold” homes on “pieces of tied lands.” Like regular homeowners, they pay property taxes, but they also pay a monthly stipend to cover the costs of the common elements.  In the case of North Lake Village, those common elements include garbage collection, road maintenance, street lights, sidewalks, snow removal and other services traditionally covered through property taxes. In Maclagan’s case, he pays almost $4,000 in annual property taxes, plus an $84 monthly fee for those common elements. That money goes to the condo corporation — composed of the owners — and a portion of those fees is set aside in reserve funds to cover the maintenance and eventual replacement of underground infrastructure.    Read the Op/Ed

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