Condo Board Slams Door on Verizon

In a case that could significantly expand the powers of condo boards, 54 multiple-dwelling properties in New York City refused to grant access to Verizon fiber-optic cable installers. The 63-unit Beekman Regent Condominium, in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay neighborhood, was among them. If the rebuff of Verizon holds up, condo boards will possess a power not available to co-op boards or landlords.  Under the state’s Public Service Law, a cable, telecommunications company, or similar utility can appeal to the Public Service Commission (PSC) if a landlord denies the company physical access to the building to install cable services. When rejected, Verizon typically walks away from these properties. In this case, however, after the 54 buildings denied access to cable installers, Verizon went to the PSC seeking an Order of Entry that would require all of the buildings to allow Verizon to install cable.    Read the article…………………

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