A Condominium Design Flaw You Might Not Notice…

Like I said – it’s not going to ruin your five-year span living here.  But when you go to move in, and out, and accept a delivery, you’re going to wonder why the hell the building is laid out like this.  It’s just ridiculous.  A truck pulls up to a loading bay, and everything is unloaded into a large, open area inside the building. That’s all well and good, but then you’re supposed to carry or dolly your possessions through two commercial doors, probably 35-36 inches wide each, then navigate a bumpy interlocking-stone corridor, across to one single door, 35-36 inches on its own, where very little can fit through.  It’s a massive design flaw, and it causes problems for every single person who goes to move in.     Read the article…………….

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