Dealing with a Difficult Developer

Q: The developer of our community is refusing to turn over control of our homeowners’ association (HOA) to the homeowners even though all of the houses are sold. He maintains that he owns the two streets in our small subdivision and has filed paperwork to turn them over to the state of North Carolina, but until that happens he won’t relinquish control of the HOA. The HOA is effectively being run by one person, who is a friend of the developer. He will not show us any bank statements, does not answer e-mails or calls, and will not hold meetings. He is not using our dues to care for the landscaping or to fulfill other HOA obligations, and he told us he has the sole power to make decisions for the subdivision. We can’t understand the motivation of the developer to hang onto our HOA. How can we fix this problem?    Read the Q&A……………

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