Condo Smarts: Determinations of negligence can be complicated (BC)

Dear Tony: Our highrise has had a number of waters leaks over the past year relating to toilets, showers, shower enclosures and fridge water lines.  Our strata council has issued notice to owners that a plumber will be on site in two weeks to inspect our strata lots and will be making recommendations for maintenance to strata lots to ensure we don’t have any future problems.  As a result of the leaks, our insurance deductible has increased to $50,000 and several owners are disputing the strata claims to pay the insurance deductible. We have a bylaw that requires an owner to pay for the deductible if they have been negligent or contributed in any way to the claim.  I am concerned about our bylaw after the plumbing inspections. Will the strata be able to hold us to a higher level of liability because of the report?     Read the Q&A…………….

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