Droning On…Compiled Links Beginning January 8, 2016

Compiled by Clifford Treese


I have been asked to collect in one place a number of the links that I have sent out on drones.  

If the links below demonstrate anything, it is that drones and their impact are just now being felt and the end is not in sight.  Apart from the purely informational links below, any links to specific companies are only meant to indicate how the field is expanding in terms of professional services.

If you could care less about drones, you should still check out the links below on “Hawks”  “Shotgunning” and the “Border Patrol.”

New York Times Field Guide on Drones

New York Times on Federal v. Local Laws on Drones

Brookings on Federal/State Privacy & Drones

FAA on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

FAA on Drones:  SmartPhone App – B4UFLY

FAA on Drone Registrations


National Conference of State Legislatures on Drones

Drones and Geofencing

Drone Law Journal

Drones, 4th Amendment & Privacy (Duke Law Journal)

Drone/UAS Practice Group

Florida Privacy Laws & Drones

Harmed by Drones?

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – Drones


ISO/Drones Website

Academy of Model Aeronautics, charges adults $75 per year for insurance. All the group’s 185,000 members enjoy?$2.5 million in personal liability coverage from Westchester Surplus Lines Insurance, part of ACE Group, and $25,000 medical coverage.

Lloyd’s on Drones – Key Issues for Insurance

Drone Insurance  Drone Insurance


Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Drone Pilots Association

UAV Systems Association


Natural Selection – Evolution Does Its Thing

Hawks Attacking Drones and just Google YouTube for “Hawks Attacking Drones”

Right to Bear Arms Redefined

Man Wins Law Suit Against Person Who Shotgunned His Drone

Bad Boys Using Tech Against Tech

U.S. Border Patrol Drones Hacked by Drug Cartel

Calling ET? 1-12-2016

Drone/Music Light Show

Would you want to be hacked while in one?  1-12-2016

Passenger Drone

What’s in Your Window?  1-12-2016

Window Air Conditioners  

Drones & the Last 50 Feet  1-13-2016



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