What Every New (and Experienced) Board Member Needs to Do to Manage Their HOA in Compliance With Texas Law.

The Foundation for Community Association Research estimates that there are at least 18,600 “Homeowners Associations” (or “HOAs” for short)[1] in the State of Texas, and that the total value of all homes that are governed by a Texas HOA is $264 billion, the total amount of annual assessments paid by Texas homeowners is $3.6 billion, and the total amount of annual reserve fund contributions paid by such homeowners is $1.13 billion.[2] Suffice it to say, the operation of Texas HOAs is a billion dollar industry. The Foundation for Community Association Research further estimates that Texas HOAs are managed by an estimated 128,000 volunteer homeowners who serve on either a HOA’s Board of Directors or some other HOA committee, most of whom are not legal or real estate professionals.   Read the article……………

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