Heroic Board Member Helps Rescue Distressed Bronx Co-op

Evelyn Gaviria had known for years that her 34-unit HDFC co-op in the Bronx was in financial trouble. But when she learned that the co-op was facing foreclosure, she decided to become a board member and fight to save her home.  The challenge was staggering. The co-op owed $900,000 in back taxes, many residents were in arrears on maintenance or rent, the commercial space was vacant, water bills were unpaid, maintenance had been deferred, and lenders were making unpleasant noises.  Gaviria, 44, a mother of three who was unemployed at the time from her job as an armed security guard, settled into a small office in the building and rolled up her sleeves. “It was the most stressful situation,” she recalls. “I was crying at night, thinking, ‘What are we going to do?’ I imagined finding my home padlocked.”     Read the article…………….

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