HOA Obtains Injunction Requiring Floor Covering

by Editor | August 20, 2015 7:27 pm

The recent case of Ryland Mews v. Munoz dealt with an increasingly common issue in homeowners associations – the installation of hard surface flooring.   Ryland Mews (“the HOA”) sued Munoz (“Homeowner”) in response to Homeowner’s installation of hardwood floors in his unit.  Specifically, Homeowner replaced the carpets in his unit with hardwood floors to accommodate his wife’s severe dust allergy.  After the installation, the downstairs neighbors began to experience – sound transfer – through the floor. They never had any such issue before the hardwood was installed and claimed the noise became “greatly amplified” and “intolerable,” so that that the downstairs neighbors found it difficult to relax, read a book, watch television, or sleep.    Read the article………..[1]

  1. Read the article………..: http://bayarearealestatelawyers.com/hoa-litigation/hoa-obtains-injunction-requiring-floor-covering/

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