Where Do Condo, Homeowner Associations Stand on Emotional Support Animals?

Picture, if you will, a young man named John. He lives in your association-controlled community. John bravely served in the U.S. Army and received the Distinguished Service Cross for his extraordinary heroism in active duty. Upon John’s return home, he finds himself traumatized by his experiences at war. His trauma causes him to suffer from insomnia and severe depression.  At the recommendation of a psychologist, John purchases an emotional support animal; a dog named Hero. Hero’s presence greatly alleviates John’s symptoms, and John is able to live a more meaningful and complete life with Hero around. Now imagine you are on the board of directors for the homeowner association where John resides, and the association documents do not allow pets in the community. Does the law require the board of directors to make an accommodation for John’s dog?    Read the article…………..

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