Hurricane Irma Hit – Now What? (FL)

We were just hit by the biggest storm in Florida’s history. Although there is damage, you are grateful everyone is safe and comforted by knowing that you have insurance. But, did you know that you are responsible to prevent additional damage and if you don’t mitigate then it could get very expensive?  Failure to mitigate post-storm damages can have detrimental consequences for community associations and homeowners. During the storm, a homeowner’s roof sustained what appeared to be minor damage. Because the damage did not cause immediate or noticeable leakage and caused only a few roof tiles to break loose, the homeowner delayed reporting any claim to their insurer. Weeks go by, a heavy storm occurs, and the homeowner now notices a leak in the roof. This leak caused flood damage that may not be covered by insurance. This problem could have been avoided had the homeowner enlisted their insurance professional and began mitigating damages as quickly as possible after the original loss occurred. In many cases, damages that result from failure to report a loss at the time of occurrence or failure to prevent future damages may not be covered, leaving the policyholder responsible for damages.     Read the article……………..

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