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  • Condo board can set eligibility terms for directors November 18, 2017 Q:  We have discovered that two of our five directors are not unit owners, despite our corporation’s bylaw requiring them to be owners or spouses of owners. The property manager advises that the corporation’s lawyer believes the bylaw to be unenforceable, since it contravenes the Condominium Act. Is that correct?   Read the Q&A…………….
  • Condo Smarts: Be sure to review depreciation reports every year November 16, 2017 Dear Tony: Our council recently put two items on our agenda at our annual general meeting to approve contingency funds for repairs and upgrades. One was the roofing on our eight townhouses and the other was a scheduled upgrade to our fire safety systems in our highrise.  The roofing was for $135,000 and the fire safety upgrade was for $22,000. Both these items were in our depreciation report and recommended for 2018, so were passed by majority vote. However, an ...
  • Condo sewage issue goes to court today (AB) November 16, 2017 Three local condo associations will ask a judge today to rule whether the City of Medicine Hat is liable for a sewage station that’s been a point of controversy for about a decade.  The ownership and operation of the lift station at the River Ridge Condos has been an issue since the association first petitioned council to take it over in 2010.    Read the article……………..
  • What is a non-conforming strata? November 15, 2017 Dear Tony: We purchased into a triplex last year. Each owner was basically dealing with their own units until we have suddenly come up with major roof repairs as there is a leak between two units and our owners are in a bit of a struggle. Our agent advised us the strata was in a separate class of strata corporations called “non-conforming” strata corporation. Implying each of us would be responsible for our own units and no involvement with other ...
  • B.C. woman fights strata to keep children’s therapy dogs November 11, 2017 A B.C. woman claims her daughters faced discrimination when the company that manages their strata unit fined them for keeping two therapy dogs.  According to a summary recently posted on the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal website, the woman’s two daughters have “mental health concerns” that require the assistance of therapy dogs. One of the daughters struggles with bipolar disorder, while the other has a mental disability. (The girls are not named because they are minors; neither does the application indicate ...
  • Owners caught in legal crossfire at north London condo complex (ON) November 10, 2017 Anna Schmidt says she’s trapped in her own condo complex.  The wheelchair ramp she uses to get into the building was torn out in August, during construction, and she’s been out only once since then.  “I’m a prisoner in my own building,” says the London woman, who’s lived in the complex for 22 years.  She’s not the only one feeling boxed in.     Read the article……………..
  • Condo disputes can now be resolved online (ON) November 8, 2017 Ontario’s 1.6 million condo residents have a new avenue for settling disputes in their buildings and neighbourhoods. Last week, the province launched its first online tribunal to help resolve the complaints that arise in 10,000 condo corporations.  The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) provides direct access to mediators and adjudicators in a stepped process that begins with a $25 fee, although to start, it is only looking at issues related to accessing condo records.     Read the article…………..

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  • Fair Taxes – Guelph Condo Residents November 18, 2017 To any Guelph condo owners and residents, you need to lend your voice (or even just be a face in the audience) at some upcoming City meetings to help get the condos in the Guelph community better services for the taxes paid. I give thanks to Ted Pritchard, the chair of the Fair Taxes Campaign – Guelph, for informing condo owners (including me) of the upcoming dates.    Read the article……………..
  • Condo Corporation Enters into Agreement with Airbnb to Regulate Short-Term Rentals November 16, 2017 A downtown Toronto condominium is the first condominium corporation in Canada to enter into an agreement with Airbnb to regulate short-term rentals.  The agreement contains a number of provisions that benefit the corporation:     Read the article……………..
  • Helpful Recent Decision About Condominium “Changes” November 16, 2017 When a condominium corporation makes a “change” – which essentially is something that goes beyond maintenance and/or repair – involvement of the owners may be required under Section 97 of the Condominium Act.  But the required involvement of the owners (in relation to a change) also depends upon the estimated cost of the change.    Read the article…………….
  • City of Toronto Releases Reports Recommending Short-Term Rental Regulations (ON) November 14, 2017 The City of Toronto has released two reports recommending short-term rental regulations, one dealing with zoning by-law amendments and the other recommending a registration and licensing program for short-term rentals.    Read the article…………….
  • Practical Guides on the November 1st Amendments to the Condominium Act November 13, 2017 Wondering what new responsibilities there are for condo directors? Questions about information certificates or record requests?  Worry no more!    Read the article……………..
  • A guide to condo records and how to review them: Reasonable Doubt November 13, 2017 The most frequent questions I get about condos are related to records. Under the Condominium Act, 1998 (the Act), certain items are considered to be “records” within the meaning of the Act, such as financial records, agreements that the condominium corporation is responsible for and information about particular units and owners. The corporation is required to keep proper records and to permit a unit owner to examine the records and obtain copies of them if the owner makes a proper ...
  • The New Information Certificates (ON) November 13, 2017 The amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998, will result in much more frequent communications to the owners with valuable information about the condominium. One new source of information is the information certificates: the periodic information certificate (PIC); the information certificate update (ICU); and the new owner information certificate (NOIC). The new certificates became a requirement as of November 1, 2017.   Read the article………………..

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