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  • Broken water main leaves Edmonton condo dwellers without water for six days — and counting (AB) March 28, 2017 On Monday morning, several residents of a south Edmonton condominium complex could be seen carrying empty buckets and bottles towards a water-dispensing truck parked on the street outside the building — only to find it empty.  Two trucks — one parked in the back and the other out front — have been the only sources of water for residents at Laurentian Estates since a water main break six days ago. The complex is at 1452 Lakewood Rd. West in Mill ...
  • County trash collection coming to condo corps March 26, 2017 Hundreds of homeowners in Norfolk are about to receive municipal trash collection for the very first time.  After years of lobbying, Norfolk council Tuesday approved two collection methods that will be feasible at 24 of the county’s 33 condominium corporations. The ball gets rolling next week after Norfolk council formally ratifies this week’s resolution.  “This is not, in my opinion, opening a can of worms,” Mayor Charlie Luke said. “The right way is to treat these people as the residents ...
  • Condo Culture: Reserve fund studies essential March 24, 2017 Q. My husband is a new board member and just found out a reserve fund study is required this year. Other board members informed him there are three different kinds of reserve fund studies. This is a brand new property so what type of reserve fund study would be required? This sounds confusing to us.  Read the Q&A…………….
  • Condo Smarts: Denying voter rights could make bylaws unenforceable March 22, 2017 Dear Tony: I was the developer on a recent project. I sold the 18 residential units and retained two commercial units as our head office. We gave notice of the first annual meeting as soon as 50 per cent of the units were sold and have fully complied with the act.  In addition to the approval of the annual budget, the owners requested that a number of bylaws be added to the first AGM to deal with parking, storage lockers ...
  • Condo Fire Has Residents Evacuated in Mississauga March 22, 2017 Multiple residents were forced to evacuate their units after a major blaze broke out at a Mississauga apartment building.  In the early hours of Wednesday, March 22, a fire started inside an eleventh floor apartment unit in a residential highrise on Ponytrail Drive at the corner of Rathburn       Read the article…………..
  • Change in B.C. strata law has unintended consequences March 22, 2017 When the B.C. government changed the law last year to make it easier for condominium owners to group together to sell their complexes, it inadvertently gave life to a second, and controversial, method of selling homes.  While owners in dozens of condominium complexes across Metro Vancouver are using the new Bill 40 process to wind up their strata corporations, many others are grouping together to sell chunks of buildings – perhaps 60% or less – in a method of selling ...
  • Concerns voiced about Condo Act overhaul March 20, 2017 Lawyers are expressing concerns over the timing of the rollout of extensive draft regulations by the provincial government to amend the Condominium Act, saying it will leave them little time to bring clients up to speed.  Odysseas Papadimitriou says it is going to take time for lawyers to fully digest amendments to the Condominium Act.  The government passed legislation back in 2015 to amend the act and to introduce the Condominium Management Services Act.  After 18 months of consultations, the ...

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  • Proposed New Condo Regulation – Mandatory Training and Disclosure for Condominium Board Directors March 28, 2017 Being a condominium director is a volunteer position. However, it comes with considerable responsibility, as the board of directors of a condominium corporation has the responsibility to manage the affairs of the corporation. For many unit owners, their condominium unit is their largest financial investment – so it is crucial to them that the condominium corporation is well-managed.     Read the article……………
  • Condo Managers Will Not Be Able to Solicit Proxies Under the New Condo Management Services Act March 27, 2017 You will recall that, earlier this year, the province circulated the draft regulation it proposes to adopt under the new Condominium Management Services Act. We have extensively blogged about this. In this post, we look at the restrictions imposed by this new legislation on the handling of proxies by condominium managers. Whether it is justified or not, this issue is an important and sensitive one.     Read the article………….
  • Changes are Coming – Requisitions March 27, 2017 One of the most contentious sections of the Condominium Act, 1998, is section 46, which is the right of owners to requisition a meeting of owners. Given the number of cases on the requisition right (most of which dealt with improper denials of valid requisitions), it is no wonder section 46 was one of the sections targeted by the government for a significant overhaul. In fact, section 46 will be repealed in its entirety and replaced with a very different ...
  • Summary of Draft Regulations under the Condominium Act, 1998 – Meetings and Voting March 24, 2017 As we noted in a previous blog, the province has published the Proposed Regulations and a Summary of the first phase of the proposed new Regulations under the Condominium Act, 1998, as amended (“The Amended Act”). This is the fourth in a series of blogs that we will be preparing in relation to the proposed changes.  In this Blog No. 4, I explore what the Summary has to say about Changes to Meetings and Voting.     Read the article…………
  • A Requisition for a Special Owners Meeting can Lead to a Defamation Case March 22, 2017 The ultimate recourse when condo owners are dissatisfied with the board    its decisions is to requisition an owners meeting to remove directors. This process often leads to various groups campaigning the owners to support their position. A recent unreported case reminds us to exercise caution in the context of this democratic exercise to avoid facing a defamation.   Read the article…………….
  • Proposed New Condo Regulation – Mandatory Communications to Owners March 22, 2017 When the Government of Ontario conducted its review of the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”), one of the concerns raised was that there was not enough reliable, timely and relevant information being communicated to condominium owners by the board of directors and management about the status of the condominium’s operations and the decisions that were being made.   Read the article…………….
  • Party On? Third Party Liability and a Condo’s Party Room March 20, 2017 For St. Patrick’s day weekend we have a post about alcohol! Daniel Brockenshire, a law student at Sutherland Kelly LLP, greatly assisted with the research and writing of this post. Thanks, Daniel!   Condominiums are required to have insurance coverage for liability claims related to property damage or bodily injury suffered by others on common elements. Some condominiums may even have purchased additional “loss assessment coverage” for major property damage or liability on the common elements.  But what about a ...

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