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  • Condo Questions: Conflict of interest compromises condo board president May 27, 2017 Q: I live in a bare-land duplex bungalow-type condominium. The president of our condominium association has been aggressively promoting his employer to carry out a project in our complex. When he raised this at a board meeting, two members of the board pointed out to him that he was in a conflict of interest, and that he should leave the room while the board discussed the issue. He completely ignored these objections and carried on with his sales pitch.   ...
  • When the dream of condo living turns into a dictatorial nightmare May 26, 2017 Earlier this month, a Toronto condo board introduced a new workplace harassment rule to its residents. One of the examples of harassment cited: “Unreasonable and/or repetitive expression of concerns with respect to the administration of the affairs of the condominium corporation.”  The unusually-worded rule has raised the ire of tenants renting in the building. While the board clearly has a duty to protect its employees from legitimately harmful treatment—for instance the rule bars any statements or behaviour that is threatening ...
  • Condo clash: Owners push out serial board members who didn’t live in the building May 26, 2017 Residents of a luxury downtown Toronto condo have successfully forced the resignation of members accused of commandeering their condo board and taking control of their building’s multimillion-dollar budget.  The four members took over the board at the Five condo on St. Joseph Street last summer after a controversial election at the centre of a vote-rigging controversy. The four men controlled how the condo spent its $2.6-million budget and reserve fund.    Read the article………….
  • Condo owner shocked her unit was being sublet on Airbnb May 24, 2017 Even in Toronto’s tight rental market, Zenobia Omarali agreed to lower the rent for her tenant — the son of a former employee — when he moved into her spacious downtown loft two years ago.  And this past winter, when the tenant, Zeyadh Moosa, asked her to pay a pest control service to get rid of bed bugs — and replace his mattress — Omarali agreed.  She said Moosa told her the bedbugs “came through the walls, and it’s my ...
  • Condo Smarts: Fined $50 a day over parking dispute May 24, 2017 Dear Tony: We are at war with our strata council. Since we became owners in 2015, they have continued to harass us over a parking debacle.We obtained a form B information certificate and were advised we were allocated two parking spaces. Immediately upon moving, we were told the second space did not exist.  Since then, we have been parking our second car in a visitor spot with what we assumed was the consent of council, as there was no complaint. ...
  • How builders, city planners are trying to create more family-friendly Toronto condos May 24, 2017 The Goodtimes hope they’ll be able to live in their Queen West condo forever, but even they admit squeezing their life into a 730-square-foot space is not without its problems.  The biggest issue for the artist couple with two young children is “the stuff,” Lindsay Goodtimes told CBC Toronto.  “Everyone has more stuff, so you have to get the reins on all the stuff,” she said. The other challenge is finding enough living and playing space.    Read the article…………..
  • Condo problems that include ‘revenge flashing’ and loud music — here are people who can help May 24, 2017 Latest census data shows that Toronto’s population grew by 4.5 per cent in five years and 44 per cent of the city’s total population is now living in apartments of some kind.  Shifting to a vertical city means more people are sharing the same buildings, hallways, amenities and public spaces — and that has meant a big change in how Torontonians live and interact with one another.      Read the article……………..

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  • Condominium Act Reform and Licensing of Managers – A Brave New World May 28, 2017 The Condo Act has been undergoing some changes, starting early December 2015 when Bill 106 received Royal Assent, and was officially called the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 (“PCOA”). The three main areas it covers are: (a) major reform to our current condo legislation – the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”); (b) legislation for licensing of managers – the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (“CMSA”); and (c) reforms to Tarion warranty coverage to cover conversions. The government has also recently ...
  • Steps Required by Condos to Allow for Electronic Service of Documents May 24, 2017 Condo corporations are often required to send formal notices to owners. These formal communications will increase under the “new” Act. Corporations may be able to reduce cost (and save trees) by switching to electronic communications. Here is how.   Read the article…………..
  • Insurance Deductibles By-laws – A Continuation (ON) May 23, 2017 There’s been considerable dialogue across Ontario on the following: When Section 105 of the Condominium Act is amended, condominium corporations will no longer be able to pass Insurance Deductibles By-laws. But what about by-laws passed before then? Will those existing by-laws still be effective? Will they be “grandfathered”?  We’re pleased to advise that the province has offered some helpful additional comment on this issue.    Read the article…………
  • Licences for Property Managers May 23, 2017 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that the government has created significant changes to the condominium landscape in Ontario. One of the biggest changes is that property managers will require licences to provide condominium management services in Ontario. The regulation of property managers is designed to weed out the bad apples, which have received most of the publicity in recent years. It is rare for an article to be published that praises the hard work and dedication ...
  • Condo Children May 16, 2017 What do you think about raising children in condominiums? It seems everyone has an opinion about it. Most write about the perceived cons of condo living, like having no backyard. Recently, I’ve read several articles (like this one and this one) that focused on the positives of condo living for children, like amazing amenities (i.e. pools, games rooms), unique opportunities (i.e. cooking classes, swimming lessons), and large, supportive communities.  While condo living can provide great opportunities for children and families, ...
  • Airbnb in Condos: Focus on British Columbia May 10, 2017 As in Ontario and many other jurisdictions, Airbnb and similar short-term leasing web-based services are big business in British Columbia. While some condo communities have embraced Airbnbs, requiring owners to provide guest information to the concierge and charging user fees to pay for increased security, etc., other condo communities which are not suited to this type of enterprise, have been plagued by the downsides of Airbnb. Many stratas are unable to pass the required ¾ vote to implement a bylaw ...
  • Green Initiatives in Condos May 10, 2017 Most people these days are making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Some activities are so common that they have become the norm. We recycle. We turn the lights off when we leave a room. Others activities, while currently less common, are rapidly becoming more popular, like electric and hybrid vehicles. While most boards want to be supportive of these new green initiatives, they also worry about satisfying their obligations to their condominiums. Well, the good ...

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