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  • Keep the peace in condo land (and avoid going to court) with this lawyer’s tips February 21, 2017 On Monday, CBC brought you the story of Jayne Pilot, a Brampton woman who was handed a court summons from her condo board for what she describes as minor backyard infractions — an extra patio chair, and two oversized flowerpots.  ‘I feel bullied,’ says condo owner taken to court over backyard garden items not allowed in bylaws  But court should be the last resort, says Chris Jaglowitz, a lawyer who specializes in condo disputes.     Read the article…………
  • Court delays plague strata wind-up attempt February 21, 2017 A petition to wind up a strata corporation and allow a 30-unit residential building to be sold to a numbered company for $21.5 million, despite opposition from two owners, has been mired in court delays since it was filed on December 14.  A judge was originally set to hear the petition on February 3 but the case was adjourned until February 20. The case is now adjourned again, until March 20, because four of the owners in the complex are ...
  • ‘I feel bullied,’ says condo owner taken to court over backyard garden items not allowed in bylaws February 20, 2017 An Ontario woman says a dispute with her condo board and property management company over minor garden infractions has left her emotionally devastated and contemplating moving out.  Jayne Pilot of Brampton was sitting by the pool at her condo complex with friends last July when she was handed an envelope containing a court summons.  “I was shocked,” says Pilot. “I didn’t understand what they were taking me to court for.”    Read the article…………..
  • Fire damages west end condo complex (AB) February 16, 2017 Residents of a west end condo complex were sent scrambling Thursday morning due to fire.  Fire officials were called to the 4-storey complex, located at 172 Street and 76 Avenue, around 8:00 a.m. Flames could be seen coming out of a second floor suite.  Before fire crews were able to set up ladders to rescue those stranded on balconies, an eyewitness tells CTV News that they saw one person jump from a third-floor balcony to the ground.   Read the article………….
  • Coquitlam strata corporation seeks dissolution under Bill 40 February 14, 2017 Owners in a 58-unit condominium development are petitioning the British Columbia Supreme Court (BCSC) to dissolve their Coquitlam strata corporation so it can be sold to Anthem Properties Group Ltd. for $32 million even though nine owners oppose the sale.  This is the second time that a strata corporation has petitioned BCSC to allow it to dissolve since Bill 40 became law on July 29, 2016.   Read the article………….
  • Summary of New Regulations Now Available February 14, 2017 The moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here!  A detailed summary of the proposed amendments to the regulations under the Condominium Act was just released for review and comment.  The four key areas are:    Read the article……………
  • ‘Why did we buy this place?’: Condo owners want developer to fix problems in new build (MB) February 13, 2017 Jennifer Dreger checks the windowsill of her master bedroom window. She’s worried water will seep down from the attic of her new Winnipeg condo again.  Dreger and her husband, Wayne, moved into Park City Condominiums, a Transcona development built by A & S Homes, two years ago. The retired couple sold their family home in search of a worry-free lifestyle so they could travel with peace of mind.    Read the article………….

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  • The Proposed Regulations under the Condo Act Are out for Review – for Real, This Time! February 21, 2017 Last week, we advised you that the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services had posted a “plain language” summary of the proposed regulations to be adopted under the “New Condo Act”. Today, the province posted the “legalese version” of it, that is the full version of the proposed regulations. It can be reviewed here.  Keep in mind that this version is only circulated by the province to “facilitate dialogue concerning its contents”. The content, structure, form and final wording is ...
  • How condo maintenance fees are calculated and spent (ON) February 21, 2017 There are more than 2,500 registered condominium corporations in the City of Toronto. While those condominiums may range from skyscrapers made up of apartment-style units to blocks of townhouses, one thing that every condominium corporation has in common is the obligation for unit owners to pay common expenses.  Maintenance fees will often be several hundred dollars per month or more, so unit owners want to know how are they’re calculated and how they’re spent.    Read the article………….
  • Three Reasons to Buy in an Established Condo Association February 21, 2017 When you are Condo shopping, there’s a tendency to want to see the newest and best construction. New buildings will have the most modern building codes, may be Leeds certified and environmentally friendly, and feature dazzling amenities. All of these are good things. However, if you’re an informed Owner, you know that a Condo is more than just the building – it’s the Association, the finances, and the Board. You really can’t know how strong a building is until it ...
  • Is your Self-Managed Condominium Corporation exempt from the new licensing requirements under the CMSA? February 17, 2017 As described in our last blog dealing with the impact of the CMSA on self managed condominiums, section 35 of the CMSA permits exemptions from licensing requirements. Section 2 of the Draft Regulations, provides the following exemption for directors from the requirement to be licensed:    Read the article……………
  • Condominium Corporation Seeks Court Order Requiring Mental Examination of Unit Owner February 16, 2017 In a recent case, TSCC No. 2395 v. Wong, a condominium corporation that was dealing with a unit owner whose behavior had become increasingly threatening, abusive, intimidating and dangerous, applied to the Court for an order that the unit owner undergo a mental health examination by a medical practitioner. The corporation requested the mental health exam to enable the Court to determine if it was necessary to appoint a litigation guardian because the unit owner was mentally incapable.    Read ...
  • Changes are Coming – More Paperwork February 16, 2017 This post is geared towards the managers and self-managed boards out there. As you have probably heard by now, the amendments to the Act have been described as providing greater protection to owners. Only time will tell, but one thing that is clear: there will be a lot more paperwork!    Read the article…………..
  • Condominium audits uncover four common issues February 14, 2017 With few exceptions, the Condominium Act of Ontario (the act) requires an independent auditor to perform an annual audit of the financial statements of a condominium corporation. Sections 60 and 71 underline the rights and responsibilities of an independent auditor.  It’s important for unit owners to understand that an independent auditor does not prepare the financial statements, nor is he or she responsible for the daily bookkeeping and management activities. These activities are the responsibility of management and the board. ...

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