Condo Smarts: Management firm can’t bill strata owners directly

Dear Tony: I have recently become the treasurer of our strata council.  In reviewing the correspondence to collections, several owners have complained about the strata management company back-charging them for administrative or service costs. We have nothing in our contract with the management company that permits them to charge owners service costs. In most cases, this is simply a $50 service charge that has been added to maintenance or repair bills when owners have required repairs to their strata lots, or a service technician was sent out by the property manager to complete fire safety inspections.  We now have one owner who refuses to pay the $50 service charge. The management company has added it to their account, placing them in arrears, and has requested we authorize a lien be filed under the bylaws. We’re not sure how to collect this amount, or if it is even fair or legal?    Read the Q&A…………..

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