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  • Why your development could be in big trouble if your HOA documents aren’t set up properly December 11, 2017 Q: My husband inherited a private development that his father owned in West Virginia. How does one go about starting a homeowners association (HOA) for something like that? The lots were sold without any agreement about an HOA. All the extra costs like roads and sewer and snow removal have been covered privately, thus making this a nonprofitable venture.   Read the Q&A…………………
  • Condo building destroyed in fire injuring 2 overnight in Maryland November 24, 2017 A large apartment fire left a resident and firefighter injured early Friday morning in Annapolis, Maryland.  Both the resident and firefighter suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center.   Read the article………………
  • High Point condo resident fights to keep historic sign (MD) October 27, 2017 An online petition to preserve the High Point South Condominium signage at 11204 Coastal Highway has been launched by unit owner Canan Johna Ozkok.  A full-time resident at High Point South for the last three years, Ozkok said her father purchased a unit when the building was under construction in 1969.  The initial idea to replace the nearly half-century old sign was discussed during a High Point South Board of Directors meeting in May 2016, Ozkok said.    Read the article…………….
  • Rain gardens take root as revitalized community tackles polluted runoff (MD) October 24, 2017 Miramar Landing’s new green face is the fruit of $150,000 in grants and the elbow grease of community residents. The goal is to offset some of the polluted stormwater runoff flowing to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries from an ever intensifying wave of development.  Stormwater is the only growing source of pollution in the Bay watershed, and the political backlash against fees and other mandatory efforts to control it remains strong.   Read the article…………….
  • Rockville HOA Under Investigation After More Than $100K Missing (MD) October 17, 2017 A homeowners association in Rockville, Maryland, is under investigation after a report of more than $100,000 missing from their coffers.  Rockville police said they opened an investigation in August into the King Farm HOA and want to talk to a former employee. No arrests have been made, and the general manager of the HOA did not want to comment.    Read the article………………
  • Coping with a Condemned Condo in Canal Woods (MD) October 4, 2017 A couple was moving in together and after searching for the perfect place, they found it in Canal Woods.  Bruno Berchieri and Hunter Owens said the condominium complex felt like home. Until 10 days after moving in, it flooded. A storm in August left the couple sleeping on a floor surrounded by unpacked boxes.  “I don’t think we enjoyed the apartment for a week before it all happened,” Berchieri said.    Read the article………………….
  • Fire at Belcamp condominium complex displaces 15 (MD) October 3, 2017 Fifteen people were displaced after a fire caused an estimated $1 million in damage to a Belcamp condominium complex early Sunday morning, according to the Office of the State Fire Marshal.  No injuries or fatalities were reported, but the three story, 12-unit building suffered heavy damage, including the collapse of sections of the third story, according to a notice of investigation issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office Monday morning.     Read the article…………

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  • How To Tell If Your HOA Needs Financial Management Improvement (MD) Many HOA boards like to stick with tradition due to the round robin of volunteers and elected members every year. This means that it can take a huge mistake to shake up the routine, and many hope that it doesn’t hit where it really hurts: Financial management.  Here’s how to tell if your homeowners association needs to improve their financial situation before it’s too late:     Read the article…………….
  • Here’s How To Make Amenities Management Easier One of the best selling points to HOA communities is their amenities, especially those who have taken into consideration the wants and needs of its residents.  Whether it’s a community pool and fitness center or neighborhood events and proximity to restaurants and grocery stores, amenities help resale and property values stay high. They also provide a strong sense of community and equality in your HOA neighborhood, as everyone is offered the same benefits.   Read the article……………
  • Discriminatory Housing Practices by Third Parties Many of our clients have asked us to provide guidance with regard to 24 CRF 100.700, a new rule promulgated by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) pursuant to its authority under the Fair Housing Act (the “Act”). As set forth more fully below, 24 CRF 100.700 arguably imposes additional obligations on the community associations. To limit liability as a result of said obligations, we recommend that each client carefully examine each complaint involving race, color, ...
  • Do Upgraded Amenities Actually Help Property Values? All communities can benefit from amenity upgrades.  What is an amenity?  According to Investopedia, the world’s leading online source for financial education, amenities are “benefits of a property whose existence increase the value or desirability of that property. An amenity can be either tangible, such as a pool or gym, or intangible, such as proximity to a local school or supermarket.”     Read the article……………..
  • How To Take Care Of Your Community’s Top Amenities Well-kempt amenities can raise the property value of your neighborhood and its homes. They’re also a great selling point for potential residents and help maintain a positive, healthy atmosphere between homeowners.  IKO Community Management talks about how to maintain the top four amenities in your HOA community:    Read the article……………….
  • 2018 Maryland Legislative Hot Topics 2018 marks the last Maryland legislative session before statewide elections in November. With the entire General Assembly and Governor up for election, the legislature is expected to focus on many bills previously considered but not enacted.  For community associations, the hot topics include increasing the condominium insurance deductible paid by unit owners where damage originates in a unit; licensing community association managers; and statewide registration of condominiums, homeowner associations, and housing co-operatives. Legislation to require periodic reserve studies to estimate ...
  • How Desirable Community Amenities Increase Property Value It’s no secret that a few home upgrades can increase property value, but what about community amenities?  Generally speaking, well-kept amenities indicate a stronger, cleaner HOA community. Single-family homes, apartments and condominiums, and townhouses in homeowners association-regulated areas with high-tech features and desirable amenities can increase individual property values.  While it depends on the development’s local market and maintenance, amenities are considered a “plus” when selling a home. Check out some of IKO Community Management’s must-haves in a neighborhood:    ...

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The mission of Maryland Homeowners’ Association (MHA) is to advance good governance, civil discourse, best practices and informed citizen participation in the organization and administration of condominium associations, homeowner associations and housing cooperatives. MHA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization committed to the protection of homeowner rights through education and public policy initiatives that promote greater accountability, transparency and communication between the leadership of common ownership communities and their members.


Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities
MISSION STATEMENT: The CCOC is committed to providing owners, tenants, residents, boards of directors, and management companies of self-governing residential communities with information, assistance, and impartial dispute resolution programs that:

  • Improve the quality of life in the community
  • Strengthen the self-governing community structure and
  • Enhance the value of residential property in community associations

The CCOC provides these services to the public with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

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Montgomery County Common Ownership Community Manual & Resource Guide: This manual is intended to serve as a resource for all common ownership communities in Montgomery County, Maryland and beyond. It was prepared by members of the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities.

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