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  • Residents could be forced out of problem-plagued Md. condo complex again August 18, 2017 Less than a year after residents were forced to move out on a moment’s notice, the problem-plagued Lynnhill condominium complex is facing a similar scenario: The Prince George’s County Fire Department has warned residents that several serious fire code violations need to be fixed by next Tuesday or the building will again be deemed unsafe.   Read the article………………
  • Who pays for $100,000 sinkhole in Md. couple’s backyard? August 16, 2017 A Charles County couple woke up to find not one, but two sinkholes in their backyard.  Now they might be getting stuck with a $100,000 bill to fix the sinkholes, even though they formed after a drainpipe that serves their neighborhood busted.    Read the article…………..
  • Prosecutors Drop Charges in Westbury HOA Theft Case (MD) August 4, 2017 A litany of theft charges filed against the former property manager of the Westbury Community Association has been dropped by prosecutors, online court records show, but officials in State’s Attorney Richard Fritz’s office say Torya Nicole Timms is still under investigation.  All 16 counts against Timms were dropped mid-July, online court records show.     Read the article……………
  • Kass: Can board block delinquent owners from using pool? July 25, 2017 Q:  We have a couple of delinquent owners in our condo. Can we prohibit them from using the swimming pool?     Read the Q&A…………
  • Ocean Pines flares up as adults-only pool opens to children (MD) July 14, 2017 The threats included demands for refunds on association fees, lawsuits and voting association members out of office.  During the hottest week of the year so far, some Ocean Pines residents lost their cool after the association’s Board of Directors opened the Oasis pool at the Yacht Club to children Monday.  Others thought the change was a great idea, because Oasis is more convenient to food and drink concessions at the Yacht Club.   Read the article…………..
  • Ocean Pines Board rules it’s OK to have children at Yacht Club pool (MD) July 10, 2017 Ocean Pines approved allowing children to use the adults-only pool at the Yacht Club, officials announced Monday, causing a major uproar with some residents who felt a child-free pool was a selling point for them to come to the community in the first place more than 30 years ago.    Read the article……………
  • Two Bills That Affect Maryland Foreclosure Notices June 1, 2017 The Maryland legislature has passed House Bill 26 (“HB26”) which amends the foreclosure notice provisions contained in Maryland Real Property Article 7-105.2. HB26, slated to take effect on October 1, 2017, provides that notice of a foreclosure sale must be sent to a condominium association (COA) or homeowner’s association (HOA) which has recorded a lien against the property at least 30 days before the date of the proposed sale. This change now explicitly requires notice of sale be sent to ...

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  • The Top 3 Solutions To Help Aging Residents In Your Community According to the AARP, 87 percent of adults who are 65 and older would choose to age in their current home or community. This new trend is called aging in place, and it can have its benefits like avoiding high costs of senior living communities, the potential pain of moving, and being able to age in a comfortable environment.  When an individual decides to age in place, they’re choosing to age in a home where they’re surrounded by memories and ...
  • How You Can Help Aging Residents Fight Social Isolation Social interaction is highly important to the mental and physical well-being of your residents, but what happens when they begin to age, leaving you to find a solution to combat social isolation.   As your residents progress through life, going out and being social becomes more of a challenge. For the elderly who are living alone, lack of mobility and transportation due to physical make it even more difficult. This can make social interactions few and far between, causing aging-in-place ...
  • What HOAs Should Really Know About Aging Residents Every HOA community faces challenges with aging-in-place residents. The “Baby Boomer” generation is, on average, 65 years old and would rather stay in their home than move to a senior care center or in with another family member.   For HOA boards and their respective community managers, this creates a new set of circumstances to carefully navigate. IKO Community Management breaks down what you need to know about adapting to aging residents in your neighborhood:
  • U.S. District Court Allows Association’s Claims To Proceed For Actions During Period of Developer Control (MD) The United States District Court for the District of Maryland has denied a motion to dismiss filed on behalf of a developer, and allowed claims of a property owner’s association to proceed that concern actions taken while the board was under the control of the developer’s agents. In Greenspring Quarry Association, Inc. v. Beazer Homes Corp., Civil No. JKB-17-646, the association’s suit relates to charges for common area maintenance costs.      Read the article……………..
  • 5 No-Fail Ways To Rid Your Community Of Mosquitoes Almost everyone can agree that summer is the most enjoyable season of the year. The days are longer, you go on family vacation, and the weather is finally warm. This creates the perfect combination until the bug bites begin…  It starts with one then you’re scratching all over. Does bug spray even help?   Read the article……………
  • Should You Hire A Landscaping Company To Help Your Community? No one wants to be surrounded by boring or unappealing green areas, especially not homeowners. According to REALTOR® Magazine, quality landscaping can increase the value of your home by 12 percent.  One of the perks of living in a HOA community is knowing that you’ll never have to worry about your neighborhood’s appearance because your board has it covered.    Read the article…………..
  • Right To Terminate Developer Contracts Must Be Exercised Within Three Years (MD) Section 11-133 of the Maryland Condominium Act gives a council of unit owners the right to terminate leases, management contracts, employment contracts, and other contracts entered into by the developer during the period that the developer had control of a majority of the votes in the council.     Read the article……………

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The mission of Maryland Homeowners’ Association (MHA) is to advance good governance, civil discourse, best practices and informed citizen participation in the organization and administration of condominium associations, homeowner associations and housing cooperatives. MHA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer organization committed to the protection of homeowner rights through education and public policy initiatives that promote greater accountability, transparency and communication between the leadership of common ownership communities and their members.


Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities
MISSION STATEMENT: The CCOC is committed to providing owners, tenants, residents, boards of directors, and management companies of self-governing residential communities with information, assistance, and impartial dispute resolution programs that:

  • Improve the quality of life in the community
  • Strengthen the self-governing community structure and
  • Enhance the value of residential property in community associations

The CCOC provides these services to the public with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

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Montgomery County Common Ownership Community Manual & Resource Guide: This manual is intended to serve as a resource for all common ownership communities in Montgomery County, Maryland and beyond. It was prepared by members of the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities.

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