Flat Chat: Monster trucks put squeeze on strata parking

Have you noticed a lot of giant “crew cab” utes around recently? Those big four-door 4WDs with a short cargo tray tacked on the back?   Australians bought more than 42,000 Toyota Hilux last year – making it Australia’s top-selling vehicle.  Add in nearly 37,000 Ford Rangers and 22,000 Mitsubishi Tritons, plus all the other specced-up wannabe tradie trucks on the market, and that’s well over 100,000 new, oversized 4WDs competing for parking space.  Put them in an ordinary apartment block parking garage and they look massive – because they are. It’s not just about whether or not you can open your doors– it’s also whether you can steer around these monsters to park or get out.    Read the article…………..

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