Mother and daughter forced to vacate home due to mold at next door condo (KS)

Their house isn’t a home.  In fact, homeowner Aimee Patton says the condo she shares with her 11-year-old daughter, Amelia, is making the two of them very sick. The Pattons say it’s a mold outbreak at the vacant condominium next door that’s caused their illnesses.  You can’t stay inside their condo, which sits near Nall Avenue, for long. Patton proved that with the documented results of a mold test on her home. Those two severe summertime storms that drenched parts of Johnson County, which happened in July and August, brought on flooding in her condo complex. Patton and her daughter became ill many times during a four-month period. They believe it’s mold from that unoccupied apartment that caused it.   Read the article…………….

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