Baca POA notified of cease and desist action (CO)

A Baca Grande Property Owners Association (BGPOA) member served a cease and desist letter to the homeowners association dated Oct. 16 alleging conflicts of interest involving the POA board and several violations of the Equal Housing Opportunity Act.   Bayardo Reno Sandy, who owns property on Heatherbrae Road in the Baca, is protesting new building regulations enacted by the board last month. He is one of many BGPOA residents over the past several months who have objected to the treatment of homeowner/builders in the Baca.  The basis for Sandy’s complaint is the BGPOA’s refusal to allow homeowners/builders adequate time to complete their homes in the subdivision while remaining in compliance with BGPOA regulations, now even more restrictive than before. The following is taken verbatim from the six claims made in Sandy’s complaint letter.     Read the article…………….

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