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Oh Canada!

Today is Canada’s “birthday”.  So why am I writing about it?  Well, recently someone asked me why I post Canadian news about condo’s and HOA’s.  I thought the question was odd until I remembered that not everyone is used to living next door to Canada (I’m one of those few people in the US who have to drive south to get into Canada and one of the many who spent phenomenal weekends in Stratford and Toronto).  Anyhow, I’ve always enjoyed how they’ve dealt with condos,  (with the exception of all those leaky ones out west). They have a pretty good law which, when they decide to amend it, they don’t have a knock-down, drag-out fight, like many of our states.  The Canadian Condominium Institute is an excellent organization that provides education to all related parties.  And in many of their major cities, especially Toronto, they actually seem to like condo’s.

It’s also nice to learn about how others deal with condo and HOA issues, so posting the news and blogs from Canada is one way to do that.

And besides that, they’re really nice people.

Happy Birthday Canada!

(About driving south – the bridge from Detroit to Windsor runs North-South across the Detroit River)

Note:  After this was posted, Chris Jaglowitz, an attorney from Toronto and one of our resources, wrote a very nice response, which can be seen here.