Owners at odds with Ogden: The condo where mass shooter rented a room (NV)

Short-term rentals have been a contentious issue in the City of Las Vegas. Once again, the issue in the spotlight.  Wednesday, an owner of the downtown condo, The Ogden, was granted a special use permit for a short-term rental. But many residents in the Ogden say they feel helpless to prevent their homes from becoming a hotel.  Isaac Pokojni-McDowell says when he and his wife purchased their home in the Ogden two-years-ago, they had no idea it was going to turn into a vacation rental haven. Now he says safety is his primary concern.  “Having unlicensed, this many unlicensed rentals, with no oversight can lead to problems. We know that Stephen Paddock stayed here,” he said.    Read the article…………….

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