Philippines: 3 perish as fire strikes Tondo neighborhood, Binondo condo

Three individuals, including a three-year-old child perished when fire struck a residential area in Tondo, Manila Wednesday afternoon, and a residential building in Binondo yesterday morning.  Manila Fire Marshall Supt. Antonio Razal Jr., identified the Tondo fire casualties as Venus Liqid, around 30 to 35 years old, and three-year-old Althea Michelline Mae Diestro.  A woman also perished in the Binondo fire, which broke out at the Binondo Terrace residential building along Alvarado Street in Barangay 292, Zone 28.  Initial investigation showed that the fire started around 11:36 a.m. at Unit 805 on the eighth floor, which quickly spread to the 7th and 9th floors.     Read the article…………..

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