Lake Pillsbury area homeowners weigh in on dam removal proposals (CA)

In a letter addressed to the Lake Pillsbury Homeowners Association, president Frank Lynch wrote that the topic of PG&E’s filing to renew its license to maintain Lake Pillsbury as part of the Potter Valley Project with FERC was discussed at the association’s annual meeting.  “This permit is essential to the operation of the lake,” Lynch wrote. “Which includes its very existence. As you may know, there are a significant number of interest groups and advocates who view the whole of the facility as an impediment to fisheries and who strongly advocate for the de-commissioning of the dam. PG&E itself, likely views the whole of the facilities as a drain on its resources. The license that is pending will last for 50 years. This is a very important issue if you value the lake and for the lake to be kept at optimum levels for our aesthetic and recreational uses.”    Read the article…………….

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