Condo Smarts: Poor record keeping can present problems with alteration agreements

Dear Tony: We purchased a great two-bedroom condo in False Creek in 2016. At the time of the purchase, we requested all the documents for the past five years, engineering reports and a Form B Info Certificate.  After we completed our review, our lawyer reviewed the document, along with the property disclosure statement of the seller, and nothing popped up as a potential risk or cost. A year later, and we are still very happy with our purchase.  We have noticed a dispute in our strata that is raising concerns for several owners who have altered balconies. The strata council is insisting the owners have to maintain and repair their balcony areas and enclosures, and if they do not, the strata will have the work done and bill them for the cost. There seems to be a fair amount of pressure on these owners to pay for something they inherited and for an argument that may be rather thin.    Read the Q&A……………

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