Project Management: What Every Board Member And Manager Needs To Know

Your association is gearing up for a large project. Maybe it’s time to re-do the clubhouse or plan for that $2M dollar concrete restoration project that was put off for far too long. Other large scale projects can include painting, concrete restoration, interior restoration, deck/paver repair or replacement, and foundation repairs, and so much more.  Too often, associations rely on untrained personnel to handle these projects such as a board member or manager. Doing so, is penny wise but pound foolish. Sure, the Board feels as though they pay a manager so the manager should manage the project, too – but remember the qualifications for being a licensed community association manager have very little to do with construction project management. In fact, often times, management contracts have disclaimers that limit management company liability when the assigned manager finds themselves involved with project management.    Read the article……………..

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