Did you read the latest headline?

Good grief my head is spinning. There is so much going on in the world today, and I don’t mean this generation or 2017 – I mean TODAY. Within America’s borders and outside, I do not recall so much going on at one time. I know, I know, I am 35, but last night my 73-year-old father said the same thing, so I now cite an official source.  I wanted to list all the current events that I’ve been watching and reading about. I started to think outside the obvious and to events happening around the world, to remind readers of what the 24-hour news cycle is not covering. Perhaps it was to flex my level of informed by telling you of something you may not know. Perhaps it was for my own benefit, and to jot down all events whirling through my mind and attempt to connect or have some clarity of it all. That in part was the final point I reached. With all that is going on, I ask myself “how can I connect?”    Read the article…………..

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