Condo Residents Locked Out of Their Own Parking Lot (NY)

All was not smooth sailing at the Sailmaker at City Island, a 34-unit, waterside condominium in the Bronx. Hurricane Sandy had lashed its 40-slip marina’s seawall, boathouse, docks, gangways and bridges. When the waters receded, the board belatedly discovered that two unit-owners, including a former board president, had for years been claiming one of the building’s two parking lots as their own.  The Sailmaker has 18 parking spaces in a ground-level lot, plus a lower-level parking lot adjacent to the marina. Married couple Paul Laddomada and Maura Mandrano – who own two apartments and were among the first people to buy when the former Ratsey & Lapthorn sail-making loft converted to condos in 1990 – also own four parking spaces in the upper lot. As Schofield Marina LLC, they own all 40 marina units.     Read the article……………..

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