Ancaster residents overwhelmingly vote ‘no’ to gates for their condo development (ON)

It took only about 35 minutes to determine at a public meeting that nobody who purchased a condominium unit in a residential development on John Fredrick Drive in Ancaster wanted gates installed to their community.  Over 60 people attended a public meeting June 7 at Ancaster’s Old Town Hall to decide if they wanted three gates installed around their 52-semi-detached condominium development, called Augusta Ancaster Glen, which is still under construction just off Garner Road.  After a presentation by Ancaster Coun. Lloyd Ferguson, who delayed the draft plan for the condominium development and proposed the installation of gates, and from Lorraine Roberts, senior project manager for Losani Homes, the residents quickly put their hands up signalling they were against the gates. People then rushed out of the facility.    Read the article…………..

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