Why do two statues address same condo issues differently? (FL)

Q: Recently, our HOA wanted to make a significant material change to our common area. They wanted to do this without a membership vote on the issue. Our governing documents do not address this issue. It is my understanding that the 720 statute does not address this issue. However, the issue is addressed by the Condo 718 statute. This is a frustration for many of us who live in an HOA. Besides this issue, there are probably many more issues where it makes perfect sense for the Florida legislature to update the 720 to reflect a similar 718 statute. Where it is applicable, why doesn’t the Florida legislature make sure the 718 & 720 statutes address these common issues similarly? The two statutes need to be different for obvious reasons but there needs to be consistency between the two statutes where it makes sense. This will eliminate many of our frustrations.   Read the Q&A………………

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