Giving notice to the strata: When can council members say no?

Dear Tony:  The president of our strata council has decided on a policy that any type of notice given to the strata corporation, or a request for information or hearings, must go through her or it is deemed not to be received. As a result, she has failed to notify the rest of council about requests for hearings, a request for a hardship exemption, several requests for alterations to strata lots and demands for information. This seems like a no-brainer, where the council simply votes to override the policy but every year this person has enough proxies to make sure she gets back on council. The retired people in the building tend to trust her but she’s constantly placing the strata in situations where it is only a matter of time before we get sued. It’s a form of bullying we don’t know how to fight.     Read the Q&A………….

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