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April 18, 2024

The auctioning of several downtown San Jose condominiums has spawned a widening legal war now that a troubled China-based real estate firm has filed a new lawsuit in the increasingly tangled case.  China-based Z&L Properties has filed a lawsuit against winning bidders in an auction last week of the downtown San Jose condos, as well as the trustee that conducted the proceeding, Santa Clara County Court records show.   

Hawaii’s Insurance Crisis as Premiums Nearly Quadruple

Sue Savio, president and owner of Insurance Associates and former president of the Hawaii Independent Insurance Agents Association, told Insurance Business America that insurance costs

Charge Up Fairfax Program Open to Communities Looking to Install EV Charging (VA)

Starting May 1, community associations in Fairfax County interested in installing electric vehicle charging stations for their residents will be able to apply for technical

Dispute over road maintenance at Georgetown Lake continues (MT)

“To me they are just abandoning us, they don’t care. To the point the people living up there are getting sick and tired of it.

Microwave starts fire at condominium building in Harford County (MD)

A microwave started a fire at a condominium building in Harford County, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal.  A neighbor of the occupant heard

Prepping for a nightmare scenario: What happens if there’s a condo collapse in Volusia County? (FL)

This week, some are training on how to respond to what would be a true nightmare: A condo collapse in Daytona Beach Shores.  The Federal

‘Do something’: Condo owner frustrated other perceived inaction by property management company (TX)

rudy Allen has buyers’ remorse after dealing with what she describes as ‘issue after issue.’ The trombone player sold her home in 2020 and moved

Surfside condo collapse investigators provide key insights into possible causes of the disaster. Here are the top takeaways (FL)

Federal investigators on Thursday shared updates on their probe into the cause of the catastrophic 2021 condominium collapse in Surfside, Florida, providing key insights into

‘My serenity is being invaded upon’: Neighbors consider suing over code violations (FL)

In a deed-restricted neighborhood in Hillsborough County, some residents say they're out of options to get neighbors to follow county code and deed restrictions.  In

HOA sues residents for operating in-home businesses (ID)

In December, Two Rivers Subdivision HOA filed a complaint with Ada County’s Fourth District Court against Yuriy Buchinskiy and his wife Valentina Buchinskiy aiming to

Condo roofs are becoming nesting sites for threatened shorebirds. Here’s why. (FL)

As Florida’s wild natural beaches have become more and more scarce, beachside buildings with gravel rooftops have multiplied by the thousands. Shorebirds that nest in

Fire in Chester condo complex destroys several units (NY)

A fire in Chester Tuesday destroyed several units inside a condominium complex.  Chester Fire Department Chief Thomas Marchiano says the flames broke out in the

Fire in Chester condo complex destroys several units (CT)

A fire in Chester Tuesday destroyed several units inside a condominium complex.  Chester Fire Department Chief Thomas Marchiano says the flames broke out in the

Condo & HOA Informational Articles

Understanding Community Association Security Measures and Liabilities

A recent article from the Community Associations Institute in the organization’s excellent Ungated blog focused on important security and liability issues for associations. It discussed how communities can be exposed to legal liabilities for negligent security and crimes occurring on association property.   Read the article..................................

The right stuff: Stirring up the perfect volunteer recipe

The CAI Nevada Chapter seems to have perfected the volunteer recipe. The chapter boasts a large, long-standing, and active contingent of homeowners who give their time, expertise, and effort to both their local communities and the chapter.   Read the article..................................

California HOA Condos and Homes: Unveiling the Top 10 Pitfalls of Faulty Gutter & Fascia Installations

A common oversight with potentially significant financial impacts is the quality and installation of gutters and fascia. At Naumann Law Firm, we’ve seen firsthand how these defects can lead to extensive property damage and financial strain. In our most recent blog, we delve in a bit closer the top 10

Navigating Election Year in Your Community

Maintaining harmony within your community can be difficult during the best of times. But when election season rolls around, things can get especially tricky. With emotions running high and a wide variety of opinions among homeowners in your neighborhood, keeping things peaceful can feel like a true challenge.  During these

Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Community Association Ready?

Spring has sprung! Which means that community associations through North and South Carolina will begin seeing increased community traffic, amenity use (including use of playgrounds, pools, tennis and pickleball courts), and increased social events. So, is your community ready.   Read the article..................................

Ask the HOA Expert: Gutters That Work

Rain gutters are an inconspicuous but necessary building component that homeowner associations deal with. Their need to perform consistently triggers ongoing maintenance and repair to themselves, exterior paint, siding, roofs and trees. Failure to keep the gutter system running smoothly causes overflows, water intrusion, interior damage, structural dryrot and enormously

5 HOA Committees All Utah Communities Should Have

Living in a homeowners association can be complicated. Many homeowners are confused about the general operational setup of their neighborhood. Why do the assessments seem to keep going up? What does my money even pay for? Who actually calls the shots?   Read the article..................................

Community Association Considerations

No one is building condos anymore. (UT) Experts are trying to figure out why
"Last year, builders assembled more housing units than at any time in the past four decades, and virtually all of them were rental homes.  For decades, condominiums made up about
Review or Audit the Books – always do one of these………
.....because if money disappears while you're on the board, you might as well move, as your neighbors will blame you just as much as the crook. Over the last month

Industry News

HOA and Condo Association Management Software
Community Associations Network
A new study report by Infinity Business Insights, with a focus
Becker Expands New Jersey Community Association
Community Associations Network
Becker, a leading multi-practice commercial law firm with attorneys, lobbyists, and
Robert Diamond named to Virginia Lawyers
Community Associations Network
Reed Smith is pleased to announce that Robert M. Diamond, a

Legal & Legislative Articles

Bay Area condo war widens after $1 million units sell for just $32,000 (CA)

The auctioning of several downtown San Jose condominiums has spawned a widening legal war now that a troubled China-based real estate firm has filed a new lawsuit in the increasingly tangled case.  China-based Z&L Properties has

Beware of Claims Deadlines! Florida Condominiums Have Supplemental and Reopened Claims Statute Deadlines

Florida is the only state to address and provide a statutory definition for a “re-opened claim” or a “supplemental claim.” Florida’s law is not a consumer protection law. Instead, it is an insurance company protection law.

Southbury Zoning Dispute Continues Without Conclusion (CT)

The application before the commission that night was a request for a modification of detailed plans for 455 Main St. North. Joel Kahn, who is the acting president of Old Field, Inc. Homeowner’s Association, said the

New law mandates condo inspections for older buildings (FL)

Charlotte County sent notices to owners of 168 condominiums built decades ago that are at least three stories high, informing them the structures must undergo comprehensive inspections under a new state law.  Charlotte County Building Official

HB22-1137: Continuing Issues with Delinquencies and Covenant Enforcement (CO)

When this article publishes, we will be about 18 months out from when HB22-1137 took effect on August 9, 2022 and made significant changes to portions of the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA). The law

Supplemental Claims Don’t Need to Include Damage Estimates, Fed Appeals Court Says (FL)

A federal appeals court has, at least for now, put an end to lingering questions about some property insurance claims litigation: The insured does not need to submit a competing damage estimate when filing a supplemental


Condos, HOAs Should be Exempted From Corporate Tranparency Act

Community Associations Institute (CAI), the leading international authority on community association governance, education, and management, is calling on policymakers to exempt homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives from the beneficial ownership interest reporting requirements outlined in

Sun City HOA needs your support

Moving to Sun City provided a super opportunity to meet and associate with many other like-minded people. Cultivating these relationships, making new friends and gathering with neighbors, is fulfilling for lots and lots of Sun City

Low condo reserves could lead to crisis for owners. What’s the best approach? (FL)

In the past, some would assume that the motivation for serving on a condominium board was to leverage a prime parking spot. The more recent reality is very different, with board members’ decision-making history now being

Dunwoody Lemonade Days celebrates 25 years of revitalization (GA)

Lemonade Days has been a Dunwoody tradition since 1999. The first event was held as a fundraiser for a campaign to replant trees following the devastating tornado that cut through Dunwoody on April 9, 1998. The

Urgent fix needed for South Florida condo owners as climate threatens structures

Florida condominium owners are getting buffeted from every direction, and it’s starting to hurt. Flooding, hurricanes, soaring insurance premiums, and now a new state law designed to protect residents physically but which could kill them financially,

Climate change is threatening South Florida condo owners. The state should help them.

Florida condominium owners are getting buffeted from every direction and it’s starting to hurt. Flooding, hurricanes, soaring insurance premiums, and now a new state law designed to protect residents physically but which could kill them financially,

Canada Condo, Strata & HOA News

Condo Smarts: CRA filing for bare trust no longer mandatory for strata (BC)
Q: Our management company is charging us $800 for each of our trust accounts to file the new tax returns required for bare trusts.  If a strata corporation is self managed or
BC Property Owners Group Seeking Judicial Review Of Short-Term Rental Legislation
A big property owners group in British Columbia has officially filed suit against both the Province of British Columbia and the City of Victoria over the new short-term rentals legislation that's set
No injuries after 2-alarm condo blaze in Maple Leaf Square area (ON)
Toronto firefighters and police officers said the blaze was believed to have started at about 12:23 p.m. on a balcony at the residential building near the York St.-Bremner Blvd. area and Maple

Canada Condo, Strata & HOA Articles

Owner’s Complaints Cannot Be Ignored (AB)
Sometimes there are well reasoned decisions from other Canadian jurisdictions with which boards of directors and lawyers in Ontario should be familiar.  In Aubin v Condominium Plan No 862 2917, an Alberta
Awnings And Condominium Regulations: What You Need To Know (AB)
The installation of awnings in condominiums it represents an issue of common interest for many homeowners. This is a topic that affects legal, aesthetic and coexistence aspects, making it a complex topic
Social Committee
Committees are a crucial part of any successful condominium corporation. Comprised of volunteers, condominium corporation committees help support the board of directors so they can focus their efforts on accomplishing operational duties

International Condo, Strata & HOA News

Australia: ACIL report exposes strata insurance regulatory gaps

The Australian Consumers Insurance Lobby (ACIL) has published an in-depth report revealing the gaps in the strata insurance sector.....The report noted uncertainty among respondents about which regulatory body is responsible

Australia: Strata manager sacked after avoiding jail time over elaborate $58k rental scam

A man who avoided jail time after defrauding Australians out of $58,000 in an elaborate rental scam has been sacked from his job as a strata manager.  Last month,

Bahamas: Old Fort Bay developer secures win in legal battle with homeowners’ association, celebrates hard-fought victory

The developer, The Old Fort Bay Company Limited, represented by attorney Gail Lockhart Charles KC, noted in a statement that the Court of Appeal in its ruling had categorically rejected